Excelsus – the company holding exclusive excavation rights on Planet Earth – is slowly uncovering the last secrets of newly discovered element Cambium (Cb). According to internal sources, final element extractions and modifications have been successful. Although there are no official statements on any results, yet, independent experts believe that the element has exotic characteristics so that it can be individually used for different purposes. Market insiders are claiming that the latest findings could be groundbreaking, suggesting that Cambium could be used for the development of artificial intelligence or even further morally questionable topics.

Excelsus has now been working on the extraction and modification of Cambium for over a decade. After the massive asteroid impact that hit Planet Earth, scientists had long suspected to find raw interstellar materials around the impact crater. The latest findings are now confirming these assumptions. If the rumors turn out to be true, the shipment and economic use of Cambium could start within the next months.

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