desparch To Enter Gambling Market

Bill Bexby, Head of Operations at despatch, has announced potential plans of entering the Galactic Gambling Government (GGG). “We are in negotiations with GGG’s authorities about possible terms and share of stakes”, Bexby explains. “Entering the Galactic Gambling Government would

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  • Ted Mony
  • November 3, 2020
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despatch Announces Release Date For VR Game

Earth-based MXR AG, official developer and publisher of despatch’s VR Game “despatch: Entity Astray”, has officially announced the VR game’s release date! According to a joint MXR and despatch spokesman, the Sci-Fi VR Escape Room Game will be released on Steam on November 13. The product page for “despatch: Entity Astray” is now accessible.   Steam

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despatch Staff Demands Cargo-Case Clarification

Intensifying situation at despatch! The company’s employees have demanded clarification of the recently confessed Lost-Cargo-Case. If further investigations won’t be initiated, the staff is threatening to stop hardware deliveries. As internal papers show, most employees have started to develop trust

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despatch Announces Development of VR Game

Prime example of social listening: Bill Bexby, Head of Operations at despatch, has announced the development of XR gaming products! In cooperation with Earth-based MXR interactve AG, the company is close to finalizing a high-end VR escape room game. The

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Space Cargo Lost – 100 Souls Missing

The Interplanetary Cargo Service (ICS) has declared a precious space cargo as missing. As stated by the head of ICS, contact to mission control was abruptly interrupted and no further information have been transmitted. MASA experts have been consulted to

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Bexby Becomes despatch’s Head of Operations

Front Office change at despatch! The Company has announced a new Head of Operations in Bill Bexby. In an official statement, Bexby promises that his promotion “will guide the despatch group up into new and previously unachieved economical heights”. Critics

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