"despatch" is the Beginning of A New Sci-Fi Adventure

despatch: Entity Astray – New VR Game

In the corresponding universe, despatch occupies the role of a futuristic multiplanetary e-commerce cartel. Right now, you are surfing the fictional news portal despatch-universe.com. This news portal is run by Dynamic Press Inc. – an independent media network and opinion leader covering relevant news from the future despatch universe.

Being the undisputed market leader of the future, the despatch cartel is heavily running ads on the news portal despatch-universe.com to promote their latest technologies and innovations to the economy. Stay up to date with the latest news and developments in and about the fast growing despatch universe.

Welcome to “despatch: Entity Astray” – the New VR Escape Room Game!

Virtual Reality Gaming

Immerse yourself into an extraordinary VR Escape Room Game

Enter a breathtaking world of crime and unsolved riddles. Get ready for “despatch: Entity Astray” – a VR Escape Room Game – and witness the beginning of an infinite adventure. The release of the “despatch” marks the birth of a new Science Fiction universe. Starting off with a bang, the corresponding VR game “despatch: Entity Astray” wastes no time and puts the protagonist right into the action. A blackout leaves him at the mercy of a strange and hopeless situation. Place and reasons for his presence are unknown. He has to discover unfamiliar environments, study the surrounding mechanics and find out his identity in order to escape the deadly scenario.

Sci-Fi Meets Experimental Escape Room Gameplay

“despatch: Entity Astray” is a combination of Sci-Fi adventures and experimental Escape Room Games. Impressive AA graphics, detailed environments, intuitive gameplay and a complex level design make “despatch” a remarkable gaming experience. Developed and optimized for Virtual Reality, “despatch” creates an immersive VR experience. By completely entering the dystopic situation, players become one with the protagonist’s journey.

The VR game “despatch: Entity Astray” has a complex game design and a perceived multi-level environment. Several solution approaches and environmental storytelling bring refreshing versatility to the gaming experience.

LORE and Meta Structure

With the provision of the fictional news portal despatch-universe.com, “despatch” invites players to dive deeper into the created universe. In a mix of reality and fiction, users can stay up to date with the latest news and development stages about the “despatch” universe and further development of the VR escape room game.

Press Contact

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Galactic Timeline

despatch: Entity Astray

“despatch” sets innovative technological standards and is constantly expanding into new interplanetary business fields. By strategically covering all parts of the value and supply chains, “despatch” is slowly becoming an undisputed economy driver and market leader.

With the release of a VR Escape Room Game in their latest caesura, “despatch” is laying the foundation for a new Sci-Fi Universe. Heavily preparing to shape the interplanetary agenda, “despatch” is already working on the next strategic steps.

Say Hello to Our New VR Game!

despatch Entity Astray – VR Escape Room Game on steam

Immerse yourself into an extraordinary Sci-Fi adventure! Imagine waking up in an unknown environment. It’s dark. You have no idea where and who you are. Only a small alarm light flashes somewhere in the room. Something seems off. Why are you there and what is the mission? Discover unknown environments, find out who you are, identify the line between good and evil and help dispatch shape the universe of tomorrow.

Start your VR escape room game adventure now and bring light into the unknown darkness. But this is just the beginning. The beginning of something bigger. This is the beginning of an infinite adventure of galactic scale. The future starts now! Be despatch and witness the beginning of a brand-new Sci-Fi VR game adventure!


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