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Galactic News

Dynamic Press Inc.'s Conviction

The mission, function and duties of today’s media are discussed critically, especially in times of political and economic crisis. In the event of political scandals, environmental disasters or accidents, it is expected that the media will inform the population about the events as quickly as possible. This is the mission from the DPI – Dynamic Press Inc. We want to provide you with important facts and figures, give them explanations and point out necessary measures within our galaxy.

Planetary Overview

Provided by

Monthly key data on our galaxy’s planets with friendly support from despatch Corp.


Population 39%
Crime Level 81%
Ressources 77%
Infrastructure 66%


Always on track for you

Selection of investigative editors and reporters from the DPI – Dynamic Press Inc.

Space Devices

New & Exclusive Products

Next to the latest news, we also provide you with the hottest space gadgets (NOTE: Some gadgets might not be available in your galaxy)!

despatch Entity Astray VR Game Escape Room Game VR Product Cyber Radio

Cyber Radio


Never go bored with despatch’s new Cyber Radio! Receive up to 16 Trillion stations from over 2 Million Galaxies. Thanks to an automated translation mode, you’ll be on track to understand all galactic tongues. You can record and broadcast your radio program!

despatch Entity Astray VR Game Escape Room Game VR Product Plant

Schroom Plant


Bring vitality into your space bunk! despatch’s newly-bred Schroom Plant efficiently turns oxygen and other harmful gases into fresh air. Extra feature: Use the plant as room humidifier and choose between 19K different and original Earth odors!

despatch Entity Astray VR Game Escape Room Game VR Product Fuse

Giga Fuse


Enter Giga Fuse – the next generation of power fuses! Run and supported by a modified Quasar element, Giga Fuse can safely monitor and secure technological tools up to 1 million Gigawatts of power. despatch lifetime warranty guaranteed.

despatch Entity Astray VR Game Escape Room Game VR Product X-Mas Holo Tree

Holo Tree


Spacemas is around the corner – get in the mood with despatch’s new Holo Tree! Bring joy and happiness straight to your home, office and spaceship or cheer your beloved ones up even in orbital jail. Carry it in your pocket and holo it up wherever you want!

Real Brand Announcement

DPI Presents: Holoswitch

Holoswitch VR

Take your smartphone to Virtual Reality! Receive call notifications, messages, and other notifications while enjoying your VR games and experiences. Create snapshots that are stored directly on your phone and share your favorite moments with friends.

Cargo Pods


Easy to use. Original energy source. Next gen gravity system. Internal tracking. despatch’s “Gravity Pod” is the next big thing in the rising cargo sector!

With the release of “Gravity Pod”, despatch has set a new standard in the interstellar usage of Cargo Pods. The innovative Pod was produced to transport any kind of cargo – from agricultural seeds over general domestic everyday goods up to economically used energy-requiring robotics.

With its new “Gravity Pod”, despatch is looking to push interplanetary deliveries forward while making it more efficient and secure.

Only available in official despatch Space Stores!

Next Gen Features

//  Easy to Use Gravity Pod for Safe Cargo Delivery
//  Built-In Energy Source for Individual Support Measures 
//  Innovative Gravity Pod Docking for Anti Shock Transport 
//  Internal Surveillance System for Wireless Monitoring


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